About Us

Arubex – Your Bitcoin Liquidity Partner

Arubex.com’s idea started in late 2017 after we encountered the challenges of buying and selling deliverable bitcoins in larger quantities. We discovered that the entry point or bar set by traditional bitcoin liquidity providers was too prohibitive to be able to trade for smaller and medium sized businesses. We also found that we were restricted by the traditional bitcoin exchange brands who also provided liquidity in terms of the amount of bitcoin that could be bought and sold per transaction and per day. Our reason to form Arubex was born out of the necessity to access decent sized Bitcoin liquidity instantly, easily and within a safe, reliable environment for the medium and smaller sized bitcoin related businesses.

Arubex is not a trading platform but is a pureplay Bitcoin Exchange and B2B liquidity provider. Arubex focuses on delivering the easiest to use accessibility to a bitcoin liquidity provider via a simple exchange front end and easy to integrate software API backend.

Arubex have three core offerings:
  • Small and Medium sized business Bitcoin Liquidity Provider.
  • Arubexpay which is a bitcoin payment gateway allowing ecommerce businesses to accept Bitcoin as a payment method.
  • Euro fiat to bitcoin as well as bitcoin to Euro fiat conversion. We offer liquidity to B2B clients requiring larger than typical transaction sizes of bitcoin going up to €5m euros per transaction and multiple transactions per day.

Who are we?

Arubex’s brainchild was founded by seasoned entrepreneurs with a passion for building reliable, secure and scalable payment platforms. With over 30 years of combined experience running businesses in areas as diverse as payments processing which included payment gateways, banking, FX and Global Remittance to running a Cybersecurity business. Having a secure platform in a bitcoin platform business is extremely valuable. One member of the team who previously ran cybersecurity businesses whose sole aim was to mitigate cyber hacking attacks for ecommerce businesses. Bringing this level of security expertise to this liquidity platform enables us to deliver a unique proposition that no one else in the market can currently match; Arubex being the execution of that vision.

Mission Statement

Arubex wishes to create the most reliable and scalable pure play business to business bitcoin liquidity partner for SME’s, possessing the easiest to use interface which attracts the highest integrity of business and institutional clients.

Arubex Strategic Plan

Arubex’s strategy is focusing on the marketplace of high quality institutional buyers and sellers of Bitcoin and businesses that utilise bitcoin in their day to day operations. We aim to target Hedge funds, Private Equity firms, larger private investors and agent/brokers.

Arubex’s Value Statement

Arubex’s values as a business are to develop an industry leading bitcoin liquidity platform aimed at small and medium sized businesses, providing a class leading Bitcoin payment gateway as well as a pure play exchange product which meets the needs of our target market. We treat every client as a VIP and ensure they have an excellent customer journey using our platform from day one. As a business culture ensure we fulfil our core responsibilities to our clients and staff every day. We instigate an internal corporate culture that inspires working towards creating the world’s premier pure play bitcoin exchange platform.

This means Arubex’s team is working hard yet creatively and receiving the rewarding benefits reaped from that. This includes learning and implementing ethical business practices and encouraging self-improvement. All staff should be ultra-focused on achieving this corporate objective and should leave no stone unturned in trying to achieve this. This is the attitude and behaviour we expect from everyone working at this company and we believe we have already set the foundation to achieve our goals