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What is Arubex?

Arubex offers 3 core deliverable:-

  • B2B (business to business) bitcoin liquidity provider.
  • Bitcoin payment gateway called arubexpay which allows merchants to accept bitcoin as a payment method on their ecommerce website.
  • Bitcoin exchange registered in Ireland, EU. We have a core difference in how we operate, since we are not a trading platform, instead focusing on speedy fiat currency to bitcoin and vice versa deliverable conversion. Arubex is a Bitcoin payment gateway, bitcoin market maker and a Bitcoin liquidity provider and live price feed. Once you are KYC verified and have funds deposited, or bitcoin deposited you can utilise our liquidity of Bitcoin or Euros. Arubex only work in a B2B (business to business) environment focusing on small and medium sized businesses who require liquidity. As a result we offer much larger trading limits per account than other exchanges with a transaction size limit of €5m Euros with multiple daily transactions possible

B2B bitcoin liquidity provider, Arubexpay bitcoin payment gateway and deliverable bitcoin exchange for your business operations

Arubex is an EU registered bitcoin liquidity provider, Arubexpay bitcoin payment gateway and deliverable exchange for businesses that require bitcoin for their day to day operations. Arubex focus on real world applications for businesses utilising Bitcoin day to day such as bitcoin remittance businesses and bitcoin exchanges

Turn your Bitcoins into Euros or Turn your Euros into Bitcoins

With you can buy or sell bitcoins. You don’t have the typical exchange small ticket values imposed upon you. As long as you have the correct AML documentation you are not limited to how many BTC you can buy.

Simple Steps to Utilise Arubex as your Bitcoin Liquidity Partner

Simple, Fast and Secure Way to obtain bitcoin liquidity

Verify Your ID and Sign up to the platform

We require a simple automated onboarding completed along with some KYB/KYC and once approved your account is live. Our onboarding process is quite simple and not time consuming to ensure that you can obtain bitcoin liquidity instantaneously.

Integrate our Price Feed and access to Bitcoin Liquidity via a simple software API

Once you have integrated your platform to ours then you are ready to access our Bitcoin liquidity.

Buy Or Sell Order

You have two options:-

1) BUY - You need to fund your bitcoin wallet by a wire transfer from your traditional Euro currency bank account to ours. We recommend our clients that require instant buy order execution to ensure that your account is pre-funded so you are instantly ready to execute a trade 24/7/365.

2) SELL – You will need to send bitcoins from your external wallet to your wallet on our Arubex platform. This takes a few minutes. At the stage you can execute a sell order and the Euro funds are instantly available on your account to be able to withdraw or keep on the platform for a future buy order

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